The Giving Department:

Celia with Marianne Williamson in 2006

Celia with Marianne Williamson in 2006

This blog post concerns you just like it concerns me and all of us. Today I look at resistance. I ask what am I resisting… or perhaps more importantly why am I in a state of resistance at all? I know that I am operating under some kind of resistance because I often wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed rather than excited. By mid-day I often feel more goaded than inspired. And often I feel more alone than supported.

I am reminded of a translation of “A Course in Miracles” from Marianne Williamson: “The only thing lacking is the thing not being given”. And from an ego mind place I hear the voice….”how can that POSSIBLY be? I Give and I Give and I Give….how can there be any lack…according to this principle I should be abundant beyond all measure.”
Now….let’s take a look at the QUALITY of the giving and what part of this constellation of the ego is in charge of The Giving Department.

Seems to me that often my “Inner Tyrant” is the head of the Giving Department. My Inner Tyrant is a driving force within that says my worth is directly connected to how much I can do, achieve, and accomplish. The Inner Tyrant would have us all believe that this is Giving. According to The Inner Tyrant the more concerts, people at concerts, miles, songs, and e-mails answered are the measure of my productivity…which is the measure of my worth. Did I mention I am a Capricorn?—And a Red Headed one at that! What a set up!

Do you know when I feel total inner peace and the Inner Tyrant goes dormant? It is when I am creating. When I am singing, or writing a song, or recording, or in a concert is when I know the most peace. It is where my sweet quiet bliss gracefully comes to call. And it stays…as long as I remain open to the moment of creative spirit flowing thru.

So, why wouldn’t I do this ALL the time? Enter goading voice of Tyranny stage right…..”Well, you can’t eat a song, can you? One must pay the bills. And you can write all the wonderful songs in the world but they won’t turn into money unless someone knows about them.” Ah…..the goading voice of commerce that stomps out the promising burning embers of art.

So, what am I resisting these days?: My Art. Why am I resisting it?: Because it is my TRUE Gift and that is a tremendous threat to The Inner Tyrant. The Solution?: Even when the voice of the Inner Tyrant is so loud and so convincing in it’s attempts to steer me away from creating something wonderful… it anyway. The world will be a better place. And most importantly I must remember to have faith that when I commit to true creation I will be well taken care of beyond what my ego mind THINKS I can eat. A new song brought thru with love can fill the spirit so completely that one simply FORGETS to eat. What will I say yes to today? What will YOU say yes to today?

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Thank you for being a listener and for helping me make the world a better place. 🙂


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