“RED ALABASTER & BLUE” is Songs for the Heart of the World!” Here is Celia’s Important Digital Album For Just $10.95!

Some say social commentary, and some say sounds of the heart! Get this album and be a part of the change…

1. Red Alabaster & Blue (sample)
2. Unlucky One (sample)
3. Porch Song (sample)
4. Quan Yin (sample)
5. Acid Rain (sample)
6. Symbol (sample)
7. Strings On Our Kings (sample)
8. Shadow (sample)
9. Simple Question (sample)
10. Shine Your Light (sample)
11. We’ll Always Sing (sample)

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The lyrics and music of “RED ALABASTER & BLUE” are bold and topical. They have strong leanings towards social justice and spiritual patriotism. This album has been called an acoustic, folk, pop, new age, pagan sound. It is all this and more. “RED ALABASTER & BLUE” is the sound of the human spirit. It goes places that we want to go but most of us don’t know how to get there, or how to put the experience into words. It is timely for the human condition. Here is what People are saying about this amazing album: “Celia’s songs are all stories. They touch the heart. They make one think…. (“Red, Alabaster and Blue”, and “Symbol”). Sometimes they bring tears (“Quan Yin”), and sometimes a smile and memories (“Porch Song”). Celia is a bright light and a talented treasure.”

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