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Here Celia ‘channel-sings’ each prayer brought by a live audience. This is a truly healing listening experience as Celia sings these prayers to the tone of each chakra.

1. Opening (sample)
2. Anchoring In The Divine (Tone) (C) Base Chakra (sample)
3. Anchoring In The Divine (C) Base Chakra (sample)
4. Strong As I Can Be (Tone) (D) Sacral Chakra (sample)
5. Strong As I Can Be (D) Sacral Chakra (sample)
6. Courage To Release (E) Solar Plexus Chakra (sample)
7. Comfort In The Heart (Tone) (F) Heart Chakra (sample)
8. Comfort In The Heart (F) Heart Chakra (sample)
9. Peace Within (G) Throat Chakra (sample)
10. Blessings (A) Third Eye Chakra (sample)
11. Expanding Beyond (B) Crown Chakra (sample)
12. Individual Chakra Toning (Bonus Track) (no sample)

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Soul Song Prayers is a Live Channeled Album. Participants were invited to bring their wishes and prayers. I listened to individuals express their heart’s desires then I channeled these Soul Song Blessings into a Live Sound Healing Experience. Each message is designed to tune a different chakra with corresponding notes as the titles suggest. I hope you will enjoy the universal messages that came thru. The last track is me toning directly into the crown chakras of the participants. It is truly an honor to serve my community in this sacred way. If you would like to set up a Soul Song Prayer event in your area please contact me at:

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