Ladies and Gentlemen, For Mature Audiences Only! We Present ‘NAUGHTY IN PINK’ For Only $12.95!!!

Here is Celia’s only digital comedy album performing as her alter ego, The Trestle Foote Faerie!!!

1. The Cell Phone Song (sample)
2. I’m Not Homophobic (sample)
3. Crazy Intersection Dancing (sample)
4. The Hoo Hoo Song (sample)
5. Phebe’s Jesus (sample)
6. Spoonings and Forkings (sample)
7. Shoe Song (sample)
8. My Pussy (sample)
9. Duck Duck Goose (sample)
10. Sphincter Song (sample)
11. Crazy Intersection Dancing/NYC (sample)
12. Health Care Blues (sample)
13. Tickle Break Song (sample)

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Irreverent yet innocent the Trestle Foote Faerie will keep you in stitches with favorites like: “Dr. Bronner’s Makes Your Hoo Hoo Tingle” (The Hoo Hoo Song), “I’m Not Homophobic”, & “The Sphincter Song.” For mature audiences, NAUGHTY IN PINK pushes the gambit of humor for a laughter fest that you will not soon forget! Here are what fans have said about this hilarious album! “Well I’ve listened to it over and over and over and Laughed, shook my head, OMG!” and “Absolutely delightful! This is one of my favorite fun albums. Celia can take you to all levels of emotion and this one keeps you laughing.” And “Hilarious! This was just too funny!” Be prepared to laugh, laugh, and LAUGH some more with Celia’s comedy at its best!

So click the order button below and get instant access to Celia performing as The Trestle Foote Faerie in NAUGHTY IN PINK! Come see the funny side of Celia!


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