celia green cape 9Song for Manannan

When I learned from my friend Rev. Selena Fox that the statue of Manannan Mac Lir was stolen from a mountaintop above Limavady in Northern Ireland and replaced by a cross stating “Though Shalt Not Have False Gods Before Me” I was stunned into writing a song. Not since I wrote “Symbol” (known as the anthem to the Pentacle Quest) have I felt my blood rise up into music and lyrics. My Celtic Heart Breaks.

Please download this song as my gift and share it along with this story to raise awareness. Together I hope that we can help in the finding of this magnificent statue as well as finding more love and tolerance for the beliefs (or non beliefs) of ALL.

Writers note:
In this song I intentionally do NOT appeal to the thieves to bring him back. Instead I appeal directly to the Spirit of Manannan Mac Lir. If the thieves are in fact Fundamentalists then there is no reasoning. I believe the powerful magick of the Celtic Legend of Manannan with the powerful vibration and frequency of music can manifest mysterious pathways of bringing him home.


“Song for Manannan Live Loop”

Music and lyrics by Celia

Copyright 2015 Red Granite Goddess Publishing / ASCAP


Chorus One:
Oh Manannan, oh Manannan God of the Sea.
Stolen and replaced by the cross of “Though Shalt Have No False Gods Before Me”
Oh Manannan, oh Manannan Manannan Mac Lir
So sad to see you gone and even sadder still to see this hate and fear.

I say believe what you want to believe.
Whether that would be one God, a Pantheon, or winged Faeries.
Faith is your own sacred song.
Live and let live, do as though will, and harm none.

Chorus One

I say seek as you desire.
Whether that be book or candle vision, earth, air, water, or fire
Be kind. Compassionate friend.
Do unto the other as the other would have you do unto them.

Chorus One

Chorus Two
Oh, Spirit of Mac Lir, conjure cloak of mist.
Vanish from your captors. Return to your ship.
Magical Wave Sweeper Sail without an oar.
Return to those who yearn for you on Eirinn’s shore.