If You Have Download Issues Check Below…

Here Are Some Ideas For Different Products


Mac computers and Laptops:

You will be able to download the file with Safari by double clicking with the touch pad (or right clicking with a mouse) on the link in the email and choosing to save the linked file to downloads. Then do a computer search by typing the zip file name into the file search bar for the main hard drive of your Mac or Macbook. You can also just go to your download folder and look for the file (most begin with celia). You should see the downloaded file. Click on it and it should unzip the file folder into your download folder. The new unzipped folder will have the same name as the zip file. Open that folder and click on the mp3 file. This should bring up iTunes (or whatever program you have that is linked to mp3 files) and it should play fine. Using a browser like Firefox seemed to be a lot more streamlined because it will download the zip file directly into the download folder without having to search for it. You can click on the file directly from the taskbar in the Firefox browser. Also, in Safari, if you click on the link and you get the mouse spinning pointer or it seems like it is doing nothing, check in your download folder for the file. Safari has had an issues where it looks like nothing is happening, but the file is downloaded into the download folder.

iPhones and iPads:

At this point there is no way that you can download music to iPhone/iPads and import them directly into iTunes unless you purchase music from the iTunes store. The only way to import these music files into your device is to do it from your computer using iTunes until Apple changes something.

Android and Windows Phones and Devices:

There should not be issues downloading to these devices. If there are problems (usually that the file type isn’t recognized by the device) it is usually because there is no software on the device that can unzip the downloaded zip file. These can be obtained from your product’s app store. There are many apps that can do this depending on the smart phone or tablet that you are using. For Android products, ‘Easy Unrar, Unzip, & Zip” works well to unzip the file.