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“Just like on Saint Paddy’s Day, we are all Irish when we listen to this wonderful album!”

1. Maggie (sample)
2. Song for Ireland (sample)
3. Gnomes (sample)
4. Devil and the Farmer’s Wife (sample)
5. Both Sides the Tweed (sample)
6. Fields of Athenry (sample)
7. The Foggy Dew (sample)
8. Bonnie Portmore (sample)
9. The Tinkerman’s Daughter (sample)
10. Golden Vanity (sample)
11. Green Fields of France (sample)
12. Erika (sample)

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FIRE IN THE HEAD is a traditional mix of Irish songs with Celia also presenting a few originals of her own. FIRE IN THE HEAD offers energized guitar, mandolin, bass and percussion, but above all it offers the vibrant vocals of Celia. Celia brings her love of Ireland to the listener with traditional Irish songs like “Fields of Athenry.” This is a song that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house at her live shows. Along with traditional songs, there are originals like “Gnomes”, which is upbeat and fun. As fan say about FIRE IN THE HEAD; “she (Celia) will win over any in the audience who are unfamiliar with her enchanted magical spell of music.” Another Fan calls her a” Dancing Fire Vixen” whose voice will “warm your heart, and ignite your imagination.” And lastly, “Celia proudly brings me back to my Irish Roots every time I hear her. It is my pleasure to laugh, cry, and be moved by her Irish siren’s song.”

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